To maintain and repair your jewelry with the highest standards of care and quality, with service that feels  limitless in its features and benefits, for all of your jewelry, for a lifetime.


“I was there when my friend lost the stone from her engagement ring at work.  I never want that to be me!”

Kim L., Chicago, IL

“I found Brilliant after my daughter got engaged.  I took her to the jeweler to have her ring inspected and protected as a birthday present.  She was always fretting about damaging the ring.”

Kathy S., Lexington, KY

“I had several pieces of antique jewelry reset for my grandchildren.  I bought Brilliant so they would not have to worry about wearing it every day.”

Connie H., Lake Placid, FL
“I’ve had to replace the bands on my watches before. Last time, it cost me $500 and I had to ship it. Now I can drop it off an my jeweler handles it for free.  That is big for me.”
Andy B., Chicago, IL

“Bandits did done took my gold.  Brilliant shot’em dead.” (fake news, but yes, real review)

Chris C. , Dallas, TX

“I went to the store to get a mothers day gift and bought this for own engagement ring and wedding band.  Seems like a good value.”

Kerri C., Salt Lake City, UT