Brilliant Jeweler was started by two gentlemen, with the same idea, a thousand miles apart…

Jim Mormando is a jewelry service and protection lifer.  After years working at industry players like,  Helzberg Diamonds, Aaron International, and Rosy Blue managing service operations, Jim went to work for a very large jewelry service provider.  For years, Jim managed the service and repair of jewelry and watches for a business producing over a million service events per year.  I can’t imagine someone knowing more about high-quality jewelry service than Jim.

I am his partner, Scott Sherrod.  My background is in insurance and service operations.  My life’s work has been the development of new insurance/protection programs, like Brilliant.  I had built solutions for some of the world best companies.  Companies like:  Best Buy, Apple, Samsung, and at least a dozen more.  A few years ago, I began working with a few large jewelers who offered jewelry protection programs.  It was then that I learned of power and benefits of these programs.  At the time, I was shocked that there were no solutions for smaller independent jewelers, and my wheels began turning.

Jim and I both saw the opportunity in the jewelry service business.  Once we met, the rest was history.  We had the same vision and the right expertise to create something special.