• Brilliant protection supports your efforts to be a “Full Service Jeweler”
  • Brilliant provides confidence and peace of mind
  • Brilliant creates trust in you and the products you sell

While you’re showing a piece of jewelry to your customer, explain why Brilliant is a valuable reason to purchase from you:

Describe it as a BENEFIT of being YOUR customer:

“One of the additional benefits of shopping with us is we have access to a program that can provide you with Lifetime protection”

Describe how long the protection lasts:

  • Lifetime: The LIFETIME of the purchaser
  • 2 Year Jewelry: 2 years and renewable
    • Can even be renewed to Lifetime

Describe what types of repairs are covered:

  • Sizing
  • Chain repair
  • Tipping or replacing a prong
  • Stone replacement
  • Refinishing

Answer the question: “How does this help me?”

  • Relate the protection to the things they enjoy doing:
    • Travel
    • Gardening
    • Entertaining Friends

Provide examples of real life occurrences:

  • Sizing and re-sizing
  • Missing, broken stones
  • Broken chain or clasps

Relate the protection the plan offers to real-life situations:

  • Sizing is FREE with the Lifetime Plan
  • I had someone in the store last week….
    • Caught her chain on their clothing
    • Snagged a prong
    • A stone was missing, had a chip

Ask Every Customer, Every Time, On Every Purchase

Let The Customer Decide!

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