Congratulations! You now offer the best jewelry and watch protection offering in the market. You are not simply selling jewelry. You are fostering a relationship. Brilliant demonstrates your commitment to your customer and the care of their jewelry purchase. Brilliant supports that relationship by instilling confidence and peace of mind. The Brilliant Personal Trainer is based on 3 simple facts:

A Target changes EVERYTHING:

  • You can hit a target when you know what it is
  • A target is a challenge
  • You can measure your progress and success

Offering Brilliant Is Is A Change In Behavior

  • A behavior change becomes a habit within 3 weeks
  • Practice makes perfect!
  • When offered, 5 customers out of 10 will want a Brilliant plan

“Be Their Jeweler”

Brilliant supports your efforts to own the customer relationship

  • Customers depend on you to be their jewelry expert
  • Share the benefits of the program


The keys to Success?

  • Practice
  • Ask every customer, every time, on every purchase
  • Let the customer decide

Take the next step and make Brilliant a part of the conversation with every customer!

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